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My wife Beverly and I moved to Berkeley Woods in October of 1995.  Beverly passed away in

March of 2001 from breast cancer.  I have remained here ever since and have strived to stay

active as a participating neighbor in various events.  I have been the Social Committee

Director and have also served on our Board.  A short history of my years between 2001 and now

include taking part in setting up social events such as holiday cookouts and having a Hawaiian

Luau twice.  I have built a full-room home theater with the open invitation to all residents who

are interested in watching selected movies.  The theater is also a demonstration of what can

be made from a condo bedroom.  I am available for consultation to anyone interested in having

his or her own full room home theater or media area.  I can be reached as follows:

Ken Lancaster



404-502-5318 mobile

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