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Me and my wife have two children and a dog. We moved into the neighborhood in March of 2008. Other than a few issues I really like the neighborhood. We have one dog, but according to my wife, we will have another one soon.

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I am in school to finish my Buisness Degree, and maybe go on to a masters... Not alot of motivation to spend all my time with school and work though. I am a youth soccer coach at Fern Creek Optimist. My wife is a stay at home mom while she is finishing her degree in comunications.

Hopeful for:

I hope that the new HOA will make our neighborhood live up to it's calling... It has the potential to look very nice, but some things are neglected. I would be willing to help out if need for things around the neighborhood, but I have found it is hard to get a reply back from an email or phone message to the HOA (in general).

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