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If you plant it, it will grow...

We have a variety of native plants and grasses growing activly in our yard. If you would like slips, seeds, roots or whatever, just stop by and see Mel. We recognize how expensive it can be to purchase plants and seeds and are more than willing to share some of our established stock....Just stop by and chat! We are easy to find on the corner of 132nd and Meredith...stop by!!!!

If you would like information about gardening for wildlife check out the link below or stop by and talk to Mel--We are currently certified with the National Wildlife Federation and placed on the National Wildlife Registry as a haven for birds, insects (the good kind!!!), butterflies and the like. What a great way to help out our environment and get to experience the beauty of these small critters!!


We have lots of great links to help you reduce, reuse and recycle...check some of them out. Also, if you don't already participate in the Omaha recycling program, think about getting a bin and drop a few things in it...follow the link for info about getting your green bin..

If you have something that you want to get rid of that has life left in it--chairs, computer parts, clothing and the like--you might think about joining Freecycle. That is a great place to gift items to others who can use them and then hunt for something that you can use...everything on the site is free. Follow the link below and check it out....

New things from used...

You may have seen some of the birds, flowers and other creatures lurking around our yard...I don't often part with a handcrafted creature but would consider helping you collect and create your own unique yard birds...stop by or e-mail Melony to get details....have fun hunting up unique recycled materials and make something unique with them..cool ideas welcome!!!!

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