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Shoop's new Campus Park

Shoop School's principal, Ms. Lee Brown, described their new school park and addition. The old playground is being replaced by a full basketball, court, competitive track, an irrigated garden, three playgrounds, softball area,loading dock, game area, water fountains, volleyball court, hop scotch and double dutch area, multi-purpose table, teaching gardens and a service area.

Shoop Also Gets Parking Lots

No more having to park on the playground.

For the first time, Shoop will have parking lots.
One will be at 112th at Bishop and the other will be at 111th and Bishop. Enough for almost 100 cars!

Shoop's New Building Addition

Nearly 14,000 square foot in area, the new addition will give the children a large, new lunchroom with a full-service kitchen. There will also be more student washrooms and an office for the Assistant Principal.

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