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Date: Thursday, March 5, 2009, 10:40 AM

 Just my thoughts so far, for those who are interested:
1. I don't want to participate in "Condo commandos", "divide and conquer", “venting of frustrations”, “personal vendettas”, “revolutions”, and/or “hidden partnerships”, etc.
2. I do want to preserve, improve, and increase dollar value of my condo, which is attached to the entire Heritage Circle Condo association, and every single person within it.

3. I will do everything I can, individually and/or communally, to save my condo and to create/maintain serene life-style within it that I’m accustom to. I will always be available to meet with any group of owners, anytime, who have the same goals and intentions.

4. As of now, I do not know what financial condition Heritage (all of us) are in and I do plan to ask Roberto for all financial statements for the past 3 years. Individually. As a silent partner (condo owner) in a business, and every Condo is considered a “non-profit organization” in States eyes, I do have the rite and an obligation to my investment to do so. As a soon to be un-employed Accountant/Auditor with many years of experience working for Federal and private corporations, I’m quite adopt for the task.

5. If/When I do or do not receive formally requested financial statement, I will make my findings public to all those owners who will inquire and wish to participate in further actions.

6. Regardless of my future findings/action/hopes/desires, I will not be able to recommend/implement/enforce any changes without consent/participation of the majority of owners. That is why I’m not concerned who is in our little email-list and knows of our concerns, I plan to create and distribute a News-letter some day, to get every owner involved. I think that is the only hope we have in order to save our Condo.

7. I really do think we are all in grave imminent danger. I really do think that most renters will eventually move out to follow jobs elsewhere. I really do think that a large number of current foreign owners will abandon their mortgages once they lose those rent-checks, leaving all of us with the bills, that might not be properly managed.  I hope to be proven wrong by Roberto, who is currently innocent in my opinion, until proven guilty. His personal income that has been approved by owner’s majority is none of my concern. He is not stealing it, he comes every week to our office and collects it. If he is making anything “on-the-side”, it’s between him and IRS. If he does anything illegal while on our time, it’s between him and DFPD/DBPR. I’m neither. I’m yet to either find, hear or see any illegality done by Roberto.

8. I really do think that Heritage Condos appears as, marketed as and is managed by owners as a ghetto. I do not appreciate/approve/participate-in this kind of environment. It might have become acceptable for some owners over the years, but I am new to this Condo and it is the one I can afford now. I do not have experience in managing condos, but it is not my first. I lived in co-op in Brooklyn for ten years and in condo in Chicago for seven years. My sister is a Condo president in her Association. One thing I do know is that majority rules. As I have said before, unless the owners unite and participate in governing our condo, our money and our homes will always be at the mercy of individuals who have their own agendas and priorities. It is human nature, therefore it is natural and should be expected.

Thank you all for your interest in my thoughts.


William Golembo 



Homepage:   http://www.neighborhoodlink.com/Heritage_Circle_Condos/home


William Golembo Bio

PERSONAL BACKGROUND: I was born in Ukraine in 1964, migrated to USA in 1978, and I am fluent in Russian and English. I am qualified to be elected to the Board of Directors by virtue of the fact that I am MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING of the Heritage Circle Condo Association.

 PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I have extensive formal education and experience working in Accounting, Financial Auditing, Information Technology and Business Management.  I am currently working on my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at FAU in Boca. In order to fully understand our current situation, I have studied and passed Florida State certification requirements for Community Association Manager (CAM), Licensed Insurance Agent, Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Sales Associate. My original intensions and opinion of our current Board of Directors was outlined in March’09 on our Heritage Circles’ web site: http://www.neighborhoodlink.com/people/golembo

Comments about Board candidacy: I am very interested in participating in our Association’s decision making process and to do everything that I can to make and keep our Community a great place to live. I do not feel that everything is being done to improve and preserve our community’s health and financial stability that we as owners expect. Whether I am elected to the Board of Directors this year or not, I will try to bring about changes in our Association’s attitude towards our Communal expenses, our safety and marketability of vacant apartments.

Dear Heritage Circle Owners: I feel that there are many more issues that are currently being neglected and are not properly managed by all of the current representatives on the Heritage Circle Condos Board of Directors.

I feel that OUR annual budget is grossly over-priced and  we need complete transperancy in OUR Community's business activities.

IF elected, I intend to review all of OUR financial records, offer FULL disclosure to Owners and protect the future destiny of our Community for as long as I feel that my efforts are understood and supported by its Owners.

We all have equally shared and vested interest in making our community safe, pleasant and the best possible place to raise a family or to retire and enjoy.

Please participate.

William Golembo




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