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Randy and Donna

We moved into the neighborhood in January of 2004, after a terrible house fire in Highland Parks neighborhood. Randy is a master painter for Fresh Coat Paint and I work at the New Cumberland Depot in the packing department. We were married in 2002, and have a son, Stevie, who is now six years old. He attends first grade at Highland Elementary. He is a live wire, as I am sure the neighbors will tell you!

Kathryn and Jarred

Kathryn is 16 and attends Cedar Cliff High School, she is an A student. Her goal is to attend Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park, NY) and become a pastry chef. She is looking into scholarships and grants to help this goal become reality.
Jarred is nine and attends Highland Elementary in the fourth grade. He loves Pokemon and collecting cards. He too,is an A student. Both Kathryn and Jarred have the last name of Behm. (from my previous marriage).

HEA President and Secretary

Kathryn and I are both officers in your current association board of officers. She is the secretary and I am the president. Anything we can do for you, please let us know!

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