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Five-O Fund is a non-profit organization committed to making the daily operation of a department as stress free as possible. Like most families in the U.S., some police departments are faced with the difficult decision of cutting back on crucial areas of the department, in order to keep the core areas functioning. It is a shame to see police departments having to reduce the amount of resources such as community outreach, equipment, and in some cases the amount of officers patrolling the streets. Please take the time to explore our site, and be a crucial part in making our police departments more effective, and our streets safer.


There are different ways you may make a difference. Five-O Fund does not have a requirement for the amount you contribute; wheter it be your time or money, Five-O Fund will greatfuly recieve your donation regardless of the amount. Everyone can help make a difference, so people of all ages are encouraged to participate.


Sponsor Five-O fund by placing an add on our website. To place and add contact us at 720-641-2774 or by email at

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