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Robbie and Ed Hays have been married for 30 years.We have no children, just two English Bull Terriers, Lady and Mabel.
Robbie owns and operates Haywire Resources, Inc. in Dallas. The Company is a HUB, and totaly owned woman corporation. Ed is her Managing Director and anything else that needs done.Robbie is a graduate of TWU in Denton, Texas and Ed is a graduate of Texas University in Austin and MEE from Stanford University. Robbie's background is in the medical field and home health care, until she made the change to the Communications Arena.
Ed is retired from the USMC after 32 years, as a full Col. and has been in telecommunications arena since 1975.
We have a lot of resources for a multitude of things for construction and repair, we have found some of the most reliable service people around.
Chalfont Folks call us anytime. 972.776.0080.

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