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Hi Neighbors!

Doug's been a Sylvan Park resident for more than 25 years, but that really doesn't qualify him for old-timer status. We've found folks that have been here three times that long or more, some generation after generation. There must be something good here.

If it's pretty outside, you'll generally find us working on our house. That's what a house built in 1906 requires.

If you're out for a stroll, a favorite Sylvan Park pasttime, stop by and say hello.

We're the brown Victorian with white stick-and-ball fretwork over the L-shaped frontporch on the corner of 44th and Wyoming.

Wanna Talk Neighborhood?

Doug's been pretty involved in the neighborhood over the years and can tell you about the neighborhood association, the neighborhood watch and etc., etc.

Wanna Talk Remodeling/Rehab?

We have the T-shirt. Happy to help you learn from our experience. YES, it's worth it. It's just more of a journey than a destination.

Bottom line: get it in writing, work with recommended contractors and get three bids.

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