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It has been a whole year we have been here. It feels like we have been here almost a half a decade. We have really enjoyed our stay so far. Thanks again to all of your wonderful neighbors. We know that it takes alot of understanding with our 3 children(2 teenagers). We apperciate your patience. If there are ever any concerns please dont hesitate to contact us.

2nd Year

Once again thank you to all of the wonderful neighbors who have made us feel so welcome. I would also like to thank Ms Lucy and her husband for the day care that they provide for our youngest son Seldon. It was good to see so many people at the annual meeting. Hope to see you at some of our montly meetings. We can use all the support we can get.

Willing to be of service

At the annual meeting I mentioned that I work for AT&T. Even though UHR is a Verizon area, if you have have any questions or needs with your service with AT&T I would be glad to be of service. Also my wife is realtor. If there is anything she can help with see is allways available. We have been in the Pasadena, Altadena area for over 40 Years.

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