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Bob and Linda McAlister here. Bob has lived in Garland since early 1980's, Linda was the reluctant latecomer here by marriage. We have lived in 3 Garland neighborhoods. Empty nesters we share our home with our Welsh Corgi. He earns his keep doing the daily chore of carrying mail in from the mailbox. Treats please!

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After moving to the Coomer Creek neighborhood in July 2004 our biggest concern was crime in our area and home values (and they still are). This is what got us active in the Coomer Creek Neighborhood Association, which led us to join Crime Watch and train to be Citizens on Patrol volunteers.

Involvement has helped us understand our community better. The Neighbor Association has given us a way to connect, share ideas to improve our area while becoming stronger friends and neighbors in the process. It feels good to try to make a positive difference where you live.

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