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''We Are Family''

The Thomas Family consists of Carl & Danita who are the owners and operators of VISIONS Child Development Center. Carl is a truck driver and a retired Army veteran after completing 20 years of military service and Danita has been a Registered Nurse for 20 years and also owns T&T Tax Service.

''The Family Tree''

We are the Proud parents of one son, Darnell and his lovely wife Shana and we are blessed to have 5 wonderful grandchildren.

''Fun Time''

Carl enjoys hunting, fishing, playing cards and dominos and he absolutely loves riding his 4-wheeler. He is a great cook and really loves to prepare his own secret recipe BBQ ribs, tenderloins and Boston Butts.
Danita is a minister and loves being involved in the church and in the past has especially enjoyed youth activities and events. In her ever so sparse spare time, she enjoys gardening and painting ceramics. Most of all she enjoy running, wrestling, frolicing and playing with her grandchildren.

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