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We both work for the public, my boyfriend works for WPD and I work for DSP, for now anyway. We love living in the city. Matt grew up in Wilmington, I on the other hand grew up in the sticks in South Jersey. All the people in my part of the neighborhood are great, they are so friendly and we enjoy all of our company. We have a large backyard, a finished driveway as of last spring, a garage and small back patio right off the back of the house.


I was a little nervous about moving to the big city with my two labs, they are use to having a huge back yard but they adjusted well. We have a really big back yard and they absolutely LOVE the parkway, we try to get out there to throw the ball around as much as possible but with our rotating schedules it is hard sometimes, they are both Labs, they could run all day every day!!

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