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We are James ( Jimmy ) and Bonnie Dotts, married 35 years, three children ( Brian, Larry & Summer ), sixteen grand-children ( Ariel, Cassi, Hannah, Laci, Bethany, James, Shelby, Ransom, Katelyn, Levi, Autumn, Chelsie, Brooke, Emily, Jay & Gracie ) and three great-grand-children ( Exeivier, Victor and Analeigh ). We have one dog (that thinks shes a child) and four goldfish in a backyard pond. We have been residents on our street for approximately thirty-three years and we are both lifetime residents of the Westside. We purchased our house thirty-one years ago, a vacant run down double that the elements had almost taken over. We have put many years of hard labor into our home because of our love for the Westside and wanting a decent place to live.

Family #1

Jimmy and I both have large families that we enjoy spending quality time with. I learned from my childhood how important memories are later in life so we have always tried to make sure that our children, grand-children and families have these memories to carry on. I have five generations that are still living. My whole family usually gathers at our house for Thanksgiving making a total of about thirty-five of us sharing the holiday meal. Jimmy and I both had loving, caring parents that taught us love, what was right in life, appreciation and caring for others. Our strong goals we have in life we owe to our parents.

Dedication To Our Community

Having been residents of the Westside all our lives we have seen many changes in our neighborhood, both good and bad. For our community to have any hope for a future the caring residents have to make a stand in what they believe in. We have dedicated a big portion of our lives in trying to work with other dedicated, caring residents of our neighborhood in making this a safe, clean and desirable community in which to live. We would like to see that Westside Pride back in our neighborhoods.

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