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I am a homegrown Wilmingtonian!

I enjoy writing poetry!

I have authored a book entitled, A Signature Moment with The Poetess- A Book of Poetic Expressions.

As a hobby on occasions I research Geneology and I have discovered alarming and intriguing information in my family tree. I enjoy peeping in on others family trees and sharing the gift on a limited basis.

The City of Wilmington, Delaware is a City that is uniquely situated as the First State.

The government embodies from my limited view people that are willing to work with the constituents and still move to have a  balance view.

Delawareans are not naiive but are willing to work with you and encourage you to grow and be uniquely you as an asset to the community.

Delaware has a diverse cultural.

We do shutdown early but there is always room to grow.

We all can see a tree BUT when we describe that same tree are perspectives can be different!

Location: Wilmington, Delaware
Occupation: "IN the Middle of it ALL
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