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We moved to TX after living and working in several countries , NYC,OR, and Hawaii.
Husband, the transit/civil engineer and myself, the social worker/advocate ,moved to this same home in 1985.Now residing also are 2 new rescued doggies who should be properly named Lumpkin and Devil Dog but really have civilized names.
We love the neighborhood and have found many good friends here and in the city at large.

Community Involvment

Both of us have been commited to bringing mass transit to Garland and the region ,to diversity -both as a member of the GNAACP for 15 years- and Lee as well by being on various city , civic boards and commissions, the GPD Chief's Advisory Committee,and the Garland link for NCCNHR (Nursing Home Reform) and Tx Advocates for Nursing Home Residents.Caring about our collective quality of life , we were one of the founders of the Coomer Creek Association as a voluntary group.We join in the belief that this area can stay the quality neighborhood that was it's history and that this mission is in our hands. Maintained homes and reduced crime helps our housing values.Getting to know each other boosts our quality of life.

Community Recoginition

Bob, not only is recognized internationally for his work on large AID and UN projects , he has been a strong advocate since the mid 80's of WMOB for transit work and Lee has been honored in 2003 by the Garland NAACP with the President's award and , in 2006 ,by the Garland PD as Citizen of the Year. All of this touches our hearts

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