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Coquina Beach Wedding 03/27/04

Hello everyone. We moved into Bay Shore Gardens in December of 2004. I'm glad to share a little about our family.

Shari is a corporate trainer for a California based company and CFP (Certified Financial Planner). Shari also sits on the HOA board this past year as treasurer.

As for me I'm a retired tradesman/builder and operate a consulting/marketing business to the trades industry for the most part. I also have been part of the HOA board for over a year now as member at large, and recently was asked and elected to the role of president.

Children .... Oh boy ...

Shari has three children (2 girls, 1 boy)and I one child (girl). They are Kurtis age 30, Wendi age 30, Kristi age 26, Kelli age 23.

Five grandchildren Samantha Jo 9, Nathan 4,Devon 3,Jordan 2,and 1 month old Tyler.

Fun Things

Pool parties at our home with the family. Boating, fishing, kayaking and of course taking the grand kids to Disney and Busch.

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