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We are Woodhaven Estates Homeowners Association, Inc. (Phase 3 & 4) consisting of 116 Homes built upon "Wooden Foundations" except at least One.  We have 9 "Sink Holes" to care for and lots & lots of Beautiful Trees which We collect from each Homeowner $100 a Year inorder to care for the "Trees", "Sink Holes" & "Common Grounds" - We expect Everyone to Maintain their Yards keeping them cut, trimmed & nice looking free of debrie, trash & large Campers, Motor Homes & Boats. Everyone enjoys Walking, Running & Walking their Animals-(ALL Animal Walkers Picks-Up their Animal(s)'s Waste).  We are a Nice Quiet Kind Neighborhood that Visit, Talks & Watches-Out for Each Other.

Location: Bloomington, Indiana
Occupation: Homeowners Association President
Registered: 07/30/2017
Last login: 05/18/2019
Respect-O-Meter: Respected Neighbor
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