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Hi all! I'm new to Rainbow Canyon and absolutely love it here ❤️ I moved here the first of March. My kids and I have lived in Hurricane since 2003. We lived on 100 W with the baseball fields as our backyard. I'm an RN and only have 7 credits left for my BSN. I love my kids and dogs. I am an avid outdoor girl, unless it's one of those nasty cold, windy, no sun wintery days 😜. The kids and I love new things, such as meeting new people/friends, finding new adventures, coming up with new ideas and activities to keep us outside. When we are home you will rarely not see us because we will be outside 😊 somewhere, perhaps on some "exotic" adventure walking or riding our bikes. I look forward to meeting and getting to know as many of my new neighbors as I possibly can. ❤️
Location: Hurricane, UT
Occupation: RN- full time mom
Registered: 03/14/2015
Last login: 03/14/2015
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