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Please join Doris Topsy-Elvord, Sherri Nixon-Joiner, Charlie Parks, Dale Clinton, and Ahmed Saafir in their efforts to save Long Beach and protect the city’s merit system.  You voice is needed.  Please join and support No on Measure GG.
check out the youtube video - says plenty.....

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) serves as the City’s civil rights watchdog—preserving merit based hiring.
Voting NO on Measure GG would:

• Ensure the Civil Service Commission continues to promote diversity through fair testing practices

• Ensure Civil Service Commission oversight of the examination process; making sure it is what you know, not who you know that gets you hired in the City

• Protect merit based testing and hiring by ensuring that fair employment practices does not come undone at the hands of politicians and bureaucrats with special interests

You, the citizen, will lose when “to the victor go the SPOILS”, say no to Measure GG.

When it comes to crucial city job, such as ensuring public safety, paving your streets, fixing natural gas lines — you want the most qualified, not the person that has the "in" because they knew or is related to someone.

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