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My family has lived on Main Street since I was three. When my husband and I moved back to Juneau, we bought the house from my parents, when our own daughter was three. She is now nine and we recently expanded our family with the birth of a son. I am thrilled that my kids will grow up in the same neighborhood I did.

I'm an architect and social worker but, with the birth of our son, have started the move out of the typical work force and towards what I call being a "Stay-at-Homesteader." I want to focus on my family, home, and neighborhood. As a member of Juneau's Commission on Sustainability I am especially interested in using sustainable practices in my life: farming, fishing, hunting, energy efficiency, reducing our use of plastics, and promoting the reduce/reuse/recycle process in general.

When our neighbor Michelle started holding Neighbor Lady Teas a few years ago, and the Ladies in the 'Hood (AKA the "Bright Shiny Objects of Capital Hill") started lunching together each month, I realized how rich this neighborhood is with great people and wonderful families. This was again emphasized after the birth of our son, when so many neighbors brought us dinners and let us know how happy they were to welcome a new baby to the 'hood.

So, I discovered this web service and started a site for the Capital Hill Neighborhood so we can have a place to communicate with eachother and make our neighborhood an even better place to live.

Location: Juneau, Alaska
Occupation: Architect, Social Worker, Stay-at-Homesteader
Registered: 01/11/2010
Last login: 08/24/2010
Respect-O-Meter: Respected Neighbor
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