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Retired Educator-------stateside and abroad

Community Activist & Advocate for Sr. Citizens

Organized  1st and 2nd Brighton Estates Community Day Event

Founded and Organized a non-profit Inc.  that successfully help to relocate  Montgomery's oldest Sr. only Community Center into to an ADA Compliant facility in 2011.  The name of that facility is called "CRUMP SENIOR CENTER."  It is located at 1751 Congressman Dickinson Drive in the city of Montgomery, AL 36109. 

The current yearly membership fee is only $10; and you must  have your doctor sign a health form prior to  taking part in the various exercise activities.  If you are 50 years of age or older,  it is THE PLACE for you to go meet, eat, greet and EXERCISE with your peers. It also offers many, many other activities for you to past the time of day!!!!!!!! 

A hearty and delicious lunch is served daily for a nominal cost of only $5.00.

For more info call the center at 334-625-4547.  Or, better yet, why don't you go on over and take a: "LOOK-SEE-TOUR" for yourself, OK?

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