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Howdy folks.

I believe in treating folks fairly; the same way I want to be treated.

I moved to the Sablechase II subdivision to my first house to get away from the noisy, sometimes dangerous apartments.

It's better here, but  I do now have a neighbor who loves to play his audio system - either the one in his car or the one in his open garage - quite loudly. He doesn't understand that he's forcing the rest of us to listen to stuff we didn't ask for.  He's disturbing the peace, not understanding how valuable that peace is to some of us.

I hope that he will wake up to the situation soon, accept his responsibilities as a home owner and treat his neighbors with more care and respect.

I'm a college grad. I've held several interesting jobs including teaching and video production.

I have a small parrot named 'Peachy'. Peachy is a part-time babe magnet.


Among my hobbies and interests -

I compose, track and mix music.

I'm interested in being part of a writing team.

I'm interested in working with a lyricist to put words to my music.

I'm interested in doing/writing odd comedy for TV.

I'm interested in doing more video production work.

I'm interested in writing material for TV advertisements ('spots').


Location: Houston
Occupation: Marketing, Communication
Registered: 09/17/2009
Last login: 08/22/2019
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