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My wife Carol and I (Michael) own and operate Avenues of Song Entertainment

   The business was started in 1998, and since then  performed in various Grills, Pubs, Private and Corporate Parties, and Weddings.
As Well as the Entertainment

   We are personable, professional, and know how to work a crowd. We always seem to know what a crowd needs and wants to motivate them.
Our selection of Music is great, including selections of all Types of Music for all Age Groups.
Carol and I strive to keep our equipment up to date, and are always improving. We know when the audience is in a Dancing mood, and have the Selections to accommodate them. We also have fun dances like the; Macarena, The Chicken Dance, Electric Slide, Shuffles, and etc:

   Michael has a excellent voice, and can sound like Dean Martin, Al Jolson, Elvis, Willie Nelson, and just about everything in between. Carol backs Michael up on some songs, and does some Tunes of Her own. Because of Michael's talent, he can perform as a lounge act singer/entertainer.

Michael is a Spiritual Healer, Sensitive, & Reader

Having pains for a long time try our healing , we are oilers as well

Michael Spiritual name is Istaqa Ma-Gi

Location: Phoenix
Occupation: Entertainer (vocalist)(Karaoke)
Registered: 08/17/2010
Last login: 08/18/2010
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