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Vision: We envision a dynamic educational process incorporating partnerships with local colleges and universities, community groups, and businesses that will ensure students have time on the U of A campus, exposure to a wide array of academic disciplines, and access to current research through outreach programs across every campus, from fine arts to technology. Our vision is that every one of our students will succeed in high school and attend a college or community college of their choice.


Mission: The Wildcat School is dedicated to ensuring every student succeeds and thrives in school and will offer a curriculum focusing on excellence in math and science, as well as all subject areas, taught in a hands-on learning environment.  Our mission is to give every student the ability to successfully attend postsecondary education.


Location: 25 E. Drachman - Tucson 85705
Occupation: K-8 Education
Registered: 05/08/2010
Last login: 06/13/2010
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