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Responsible young lady would like to care for your children after 
school, in the evenings or on the weekend. I'm available to come 
to your house or your children are welcome at our home. 
At our house, my mom will always be present. At your house, my mom
will be a few doors away. 
I am 13 year old 7th Honor Student and am very responsible. I would 
love to care for your children for small jobs or large. Please give
me a call or text me to schedule a meet and greet or check 
My name is Haley Williams, I live at 4712 NW 62nd Terrace
My cell phone number is 593-0343
I'm available after school hours.
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Occupation: Babysitter
Registered: 08/19/2014
Last login: 08/19/2014
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