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We are one of many shopkeepers invested in the Old Fairmount area, we want the thriving and buzzing of the community to return to the neighborhood. We hope to offer conveniences and cost effective services to keep business on the west side of Independence. We are making contact with City Council to lend a hand in our efforts to clean up the store front on 24 highway, and flags to be replaced on Fairmount station, I have invited Council woman Gragg to come in and  visit and see what kind of services the city can offer Fairmount. One more note, we here in Fairmount have had no holiday celebrations or decorations, as though we are not part of Independence, I have asked that this ends with Fourth of July, help us, contact Council woman Gragg for District 1, let her know we want change and we care what happens in Fairmount!


7/6/2011, The above was my previous post for the month of June 2011.


I am sorry to say none of our letters to City of Independence has brought change, my neighbors small restaurant closed the end of June due to a slumlord that rented a space without adequate ventilation for a restaurant. Sad, terribly  troubling that an individual can get away with this. It takes so much to start a business. Please contact your City Council members for support, here in District 1 its Gragg.

FYI, no one has been here to Fairamount to repair the flags on Fairmount station.

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