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Affordable Tennis Lessons in Vinings Marietta and Cobb County

William Vazquez, known as CoachV to his students, was born and raised in New York City. He got his start in tennis at a late age through the Arthur Ashe's National Junior Tennis & Learning League and the Harlem Junior Tennis Programs. Through this program he was able to develop his skills and gain a deep passion for the sport. Loving tennis so much, he decided to help others reach their goals and developed a “holistic system” to maximize player potential and bring fun to the game. With CoachV’s unique teaching style he helps players use their unique talents to further their success.

CoachV’s Motto: “There is No Right or Wrong way to hit the Ball.”


CoachV tennis at Forest Hills at Vinings Tennis Club

Affordable Tennis Classes, Lessons & Services:

Quickstart Tennis: Beginner Group Tennis Lessons for kids ages 4-7. Every Saturday from 10am-10:30 for 8 weeks/sessions, racquets can be provided(limited) Amount $50 for 8 Sessions

Junior Group/class Tennis Lessons Beginners for Kids ages 11-14 Every Monday from 5pm-6pm for 8 weeks/sessions, Racquest can be provided(limited), Amount $80 for 8 sessions

Adult Beginner group tennis lessons ages 16 years old and up, every Thursday from 730pm-830pm for 8 weeks/sessions, racquets can be provided(limited), Amount $80 for 8 sessions

CoachV history:

Education: Hampton University - Broadcasting and Media Arts,
*Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) Certified Professional *Trained under: Tom Blake (James Blake's father), Colin Dibley (former fastest server in the world), Karen Buchholz (Former Olympic committee member, & former WTA tour player.), Gus Alcayaga - current mentor and coach( tour Professional, hitting partner of Andre Aggissi, Tournament Director of Forest Hills in flushing NYC, 2010 Junior Team tennis 18&under champion Coach)*Top ten in the Men’s Open Eastern Division in 2006 and 2007 *Top Ten in Southern GA Men’s Open singles and Men’s 30's singles in 2008.




Location: Vinings, Marietta, Smyrna,GA
Occupation: Tennis Professional, Tennis Coach, Tennis instructor
Registered: 08/06/2010
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