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Bob Craven is the latest in a long line of Des Moines Cravens.  He gets phone calls at least once a month looking for the dentist- nope that's grampa, or the good Dr.-  Sorry that's dad.   If you were dying, he could probably save you, but he is much better suited to helping you find the perfect historic or otherwise interesting home. 

Bob is a great fan of architecture, and can happily introduce you to Des Moines' most
aesthetically diverse neighborhoods.  Or, should you require a custom creation, he can show you to the the finest custom homebuilders and architects to be found.
When he is not making his way through cobwebs in basements and attics in the older parts of Des Moines, he is usually cruising around town in one of his classic cars looking for more cobwebs.  The occupational hazards of loving old houses are many...

  Bob particularly enjoys working with homebuyers and owners in Sherman Hill, Waterbury, South of Grand, and the western suburbs.   He will even take you for a spin around Beaverdale, Chatauqua Park, and River Bend.  If you have been told you are too picky, or that your house is "strange" or "hard to sell", Bob is your solution.

Since some people do not enjoy climbing ladders with buckets of paint to revive 120 year old lap board siding, he is also well versed in newer homes. There is something to be said for a home that is maintenance free.

Bob will use his years of expertise and local knowledge to ensure you get what are looking for, and provides service with a smile. He also is pleased to serve the community by serving on the boards of 2 local non-profits, Road Rally Charities,and Iowa Youth Chorus.  Bob is a proud member of the Knights of Columbus as well, and can probabaly hook you up with Tootsie Rolls if you are nice to him. 

He appreciates your business, and will work hard for you, with a handshake and a smile.  Call him, right now!

Location: Des Moines, IA
Occupation: Realtor
Registered: 03/07/2012
Last login: 03/07/2012
Respect-O-Meter: Active Neighbor
Website: http://www.cravenfinehomes.com/
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