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Parking in my driveway

Posted in: Hunters Trace

I have a problem. Ive been renting here for approximately two weeks and all 4 members of my family have gotten ticketed for different violations. Minor really but a nuisance none the less. Being parked going against the flow of traffic.... we live on a dead end what traffic? We have four cars, yes we are parked in our driveway, but we got ticketed today for obstructing the sidewalk, again we are on a dead end. One of the neighbors has stated that his property has been broken into, where was the lovely officer then?? Why go around giving people tickets for parking in their own driveway, and where there are clear definitions of where the sidewalk ends and continues on the other side of the driveway. There are no divided blocks in the actual driveway, in my mind that makes it a driveway and not a part of the sidewalk. Now if this was heavy traffic area I could understand but we live at the end of a dead end road and if someone is walking around they are probably looking to see what they can take out of your car, making parking outside of your driveway a more "high risk" situation. I am appalled. I lived in a more upscale subdivision and never had a single issue. 


Now if we all parked in the street and with some having larger cars, some ofcourse smaller, the nice lady who told this c*nt of a cop to come wouldn't be able to get her huge truck through so maybe she should reconsider, becasue it looks trashy having cars parked on grass, or on the street in front of a home. What would be the purplse of a driveway?

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