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Dog attack

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NANA members and residents: What can be done about the horrendous attack on ''Suzanne'' and Zydeco (Greyhound) by the Pit Bulls near NE 2Terr and 53 Ct.? I have seen these dogs run free numerous times. I have also seen and spoken to ''Suzanne'' and Zydeco. I can't imagine the horror she, the dog and helpfull neighbors went through as a result of another neighbor's, thoughtlessness and stupidity. Is it so import to have Pit Bulls that the the fear and actual loss of life, is an acceptable price to pay?
Commissioner Boisvenue Answers

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I would like to see the reports in the entire City of Oakland Park not just North Andrews for the past two years on dangerous dog issues.

I understand from Commissioner Keechl that as a result of my request last spring to strengthen these laws that the County lawyer is working it.

I have called each County Commissioner today. I will meet with every single elected person to advocate for change. I am speaking to the media. I am now leaving to go to speak at the County Commission meeting around 215 today on agenda item 46.

I have requested that Broward County include this in their legislative agenda for Tallahassee as well as ours. I want it clear that this is not a breed specific problem but a dangerous dog problem.

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I am a big guy.and was a law enforcement k9 officer.I was attacked by a smaller pitt bull. It ripped my upper leg and belly open,got me on the ground, and went for my neck.

fight took less than 30 sec.

It broke out in 40mm holes

It would have killed a unarmed person.

a small child in no time.I have seen a child killed by 2 family rotts.



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