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I just recieved the note from Swift regarding the property break-ins. The most notable feature is that they all occur Thursday lunchtime. The odds against this being coincidence are 125-1.

It therefore occurs to me that somethin is special about Thursday and as I sit here Thursday at noon it is very obvious. There are currently three unknown people wandering around my lot tending the yard. It strikes me that there are two possibilities :

a) One of the yard workers is a 'lookout man' for the gang.
b) The gang is smart enough to follow around landscapers as they will be less noticable on days when the neighborhood is full of bodies.

It thus strikes me that we have two potentially useful courses of action:
a) Ask if our landscapers perform background checks
b) Ask the landscapers to vary the day they do the yard-work.

I have the ability to set any of you up with an alarm at no cost to you for installation. Just pay the montly fee. Feel free to call me at 404 908 5443. I, myself just recently got robbed. I do not have the luxury of having my own companies system in my home and my phone lines were cut. This sounded my alarm but no police ever showed up. Later I found that having my phone line cut stopped all transmission of my alarm to the police. Please if you have an old system or no system at all CALL ME I can help you. Again my number is 404 908 5443 and my name is Shane. Thank you and stay safe.

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