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As you well know, lately we have had a lot of Police cars come to one of the houses on the block. They are squatters that took over 5500 Crinoline Ave. and the Police have been called out for numerous activities including stolen goods, car theft, drugs, and threatening a few neighbors. They have left their household items in the front of the house and driveway and are not leaving the property as they were told to do by the police and owners of the house. There has been numerous calls to the Police department on a daily basis because they are not leaving, but no one seems to be doing anything. Please look out for each other and keep your eyes out for any unusual activity. They are out and about from midnight to 5 in the morning. Cars, transports, and trailers have been seen coming and going on a daily basis. We need to patrol out own area and make sure they are not steeling from any homes in the surrounding area. We don't know if they are drug dealers, but have been seen smoking a crack pipe.

UPDATE: As of last night, the squatters left the house. There were Patrol officers that patroled the area consistently yesterday and I assume they left because of the heat! Neighbors were out yesterday walking around and asking questions and paying attention and that was great. At least their stuff is gone from the driveway and the house doesn't look like a dump site. So, hopefully they are not coming back.

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