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That is just silly that the pear trees have a life span of maybe 20 yrs. We have one in the back that is 20 & it's very healthy & huge. Our neighbor has one in the front of his yard that is 21 & very healthy. This is the easy way out for the board. I would like to know what do they do with thier money other then grass cutting & ponds. You can't tell me there isn't money to trim & thin out those tree's. It isn't a yearly adventure to do that. I remember when the front trees were shaped up. Everyone laughed & called them lollipop trees. Well there healthy & growing.So drive around the neighborhood & look at all the bradford pears in our yards. They make a wonderful shade tree. We have been here 20 yrs & I haven't seen a sick looking pear tree yet. You just don't take down a mature tree just because it is dropping some limbs that trucks are pulling off he tree. If is our duty as concern neighbors to save our trees not take them down. Where is our president? Let's figure this out before it is too late. We pay 150.00 a yr C. Woods pays 35.00 a yr & they trimmed their trees. I just don't understand the thinking of our board. I don't think N. Poore will help us either. 

Look it up for yourself. Google search BRADFORD PEAR TREE LIFESPAN. It says The Bradford pear is very common, especially in cities, due to its tolerance of poor soil and pollution. The Bradford pear tree lifespan is 15-25 years, often topping out at 20 years. Despite its hardiness, it is genetically predisposed to a short life. Most importantly THEY ARE NOT OUR TREES! The board of mansion farm is not legally responsible for the trees. Mansion Farm is not legally responsible for the trees. They are on caravel woods property and are not owned by this development! The board did not contact Earl Jacques and ask for the trees to be removed. Caravel woods board must have done that. They are not our trees! We do not own them. We do not own the property they sit on. When rc Peoples decided not to develop the over 55 segment of mansion farm and began looking for a put mansion farm property further away from those trees. Mansion farm now starts just before viscaya drive where the townhouse start. Arguing that the trees aren??™t at the end of their normal life cycle is JUST SILLY. Some of these types of trees might outlive their lifecycle but arguing that these trees will live long beyond that is a pointless discussion. At some point in the not too distant future they will die and fall down and hopefully not fall on someone or damage any cars or property in the process.
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