Parking on the streets

Posted in: ANTHEM
I know our neighborhood is tight, but do we have to have cars parked along the street? This is so dangerous, especially to our kids who are playing. Even the most cautious of drivers may not see a child running out from behind a car. On the other side of the spectrum, the most well taught child may not see a car coming around a parked car. Not to mention almost running into other cars on a daily basis. Does the homeowner association have any suggestions?

By allyson
I agree - esp at the stop signs

I agree with your concern about the cars in the streets. Seems to me that the intersection of Ross Moore and Silabert is the worst when it comes to cars in the street. Isn't there some provision that has 'setbacks' for cars parking near stop signs?

Cars in the street are a given anymore and anywhere (Germany is a fine example - drivers are required to take turns allowing each other to pass). But something needs to be done with cars parking at the stop signs.
Parking on Streets

Parking on streets is frustrating! Especially those who live on corners and park their cars along both sides of the corner they live on. This is a huge interferrence with traffic when turning onto other streets!
Stop at the sign

You know what is more frustrating. People who speed through the intersection and ignore the stop sign. Abiding by the traffic laws would make parking on the street less of an issue.
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