Lost WHITE Pitbull!

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Cry Nov 8th about 7:30pm My husband let our dog out to potty on the corner of Citadel and Carolina Cir. (We've had to keep her inside after several attempts to steal her were made by Unknown individuals.)


She was outside about 7 minutes total when he called for her to come back inside, but she wasn't around. no sound or sight of her, just Gone.  He was watching our baby and kids while I shopped so he couldn't go out chasing after her but I did for 2 hours after I got home, found nothing !


She is a White pit, 2yrs old, Red leather collar with spikes on it. If she gets wet from rain her coat kinda turns translucent and she looks Pinkish with black spots all over. Black nose, black down the front of her mouth and a black dot on the left side of her muzzle, also it looks like she's wearing Eyeliner, she has White eyelashes too (not too common) and Brown eyes. she has some scabs right above her tail from her biting at an itch.


She is very friendly ! she loves kids and will sooner Lick you than bite you. she won't even take food from your hand.  Please please if you have seen her, call 843-771-5698 anytime !

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I acquired a dog from a rescue that matches your description really well; however, there is one obvious exception.  The dog I have has a large and distinctive black spot on her body.  If you know where that spot is located, then I have your dog.

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