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In an effort to help struggling homeowners and those facing violations, The National Homeowners Association (NHOA) is providing weekly & bi-weekly lawn services to our community through partnerships with local small businesses at a discounted rate. I strongly recommend my neighbor's response in an effort to avoid any penalties or fines for properties in our community that are in violation. I find it commendable that action is being taken to increase the property value and beauty of our community. My wife and I decided to sign up in compliance to avoid having to deal with these types of issues. Some of our properties are really at risk...We have to do better! Here's more info on their site.

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Their rates are great. HOWEVER, I've been two weeks without a lawn service and they can't offer an explanation why or when we'll get our next service. I can honestly say we're getting what we pay for and no more. They've got another day or two to contact me before I cancel and go back to doing it myself.

It could be possible that they have you scheduled as bi-weekly? That's unusual based on my experience with them, someone should have contacted you by now. I learned about this Association a year ago from a friend in Florida and they had a lot of good things to say. Especially with the rates and your ability to manage your own account, etc.

I would contact someone from the National Homeowners Association. If needed you can report the contractor if you're not satisfied. From my experience, they have always been pretty timely with their turnarounds. At this point, I would hate to do it myself...that sun is horrendous! LOL I guess that's another reason I recommended them...

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