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I believe residents need to be reminded about the leash laws. There have been several large dogs running around loose in the neighborhood. I know they belong to residents that live here. I don't believe anyone wants a child, other resident, smaller animal, or a visitor terrorized, traumatized, or even bitten by a strange dog. Something needs to be done now.

There is also a litter problem around the lake lots. Children, or people fishing in the smaller ponds leave trash laying around lake lot yards.  i.e. soda cans, candy wrappers, etc. We are tired of picking up other people's trash from our yards. Please make sure you pick up your trash and , parents, please teach your children not to litter other residents' property.

I do not believe this is an unreasonable request.

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 Yes homeowners please secure your pets.As far as the litter identify that person directly or the parent get involved to resolve issues .

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