Violation Letter - noncompliance

Posted in: Cedar Lakes

Anyone else get a letter from the HOA regarding leaning trees because of the snow?


I think this is a huge waste of our money to send these letters out. I think it is obvious we need to tie the tree back up now that the snow is almost gone. They really could have waited to do this.


The HOA is real quick about sending out frivolous letters but seem to allow other violations to go unchecked for years. Go figure....


Honestly... they sending out letters that basically threaten legal action for "noncompliance" due to the snow. I am not sure about the rest of you.... but I did not bend the trees like this on my own. But now I am in a noncompliance status due to the blizzard of 2010.


I am shocked they did not put me in noncompliance for blocking the sidewalk... with SNOW!!

The HOA could have waited as you said and at least sent letters with explanations and offering suggestions and to help with the damaged trees.  Yes there are so many obvious violations that have existed for years and still unchanged to this day.  Makes all of us mad! 

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