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Home Invasion

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On May 9th at 4am our home was broken into and my son held at gunpoint while the house was robbed.

This is the second robbery on our block in the past 9 months.

We need to all get together and be more aware of what is going on in our neighborhood.

These crimes are not random and the criminals behind these crimes must be around here watching to see when and which houses are the ones to target.

My hope by sending this is that all neighbors will start to keep and eye out for anyone who does not belong in there area and reporting it to the police before someone gets hurt or worse.

Can you provide any additional information on this?  We've tried following up with CMPD but there hasn't been any information provided.

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Additional details

Me and my wife, and 2 younger children left to visit family on May 8th at 6pm

My oldest son who was 19 at the time stayed home for work and to take care of the dog.

At 4 am he was woken up by the dog barking and got out of bed and went to see why, as he left his room there was a black male approx 6ft tall around 120-130 pounds standing on the stairs pointing a gun at him, he was forced back into his room made to lay on the floor and the gun was held to his head as 4 to 5 others ransacked and robbed the house.

Jewelry, Tv's Computers, Xbox, speakers, rifle, guitars and money were stolen.

Thankfully he was not hurt during this.

Police came and checked for fingerprints but none were found. My son told the detective that he could easily identify the coward who held the gun on him but he was never shown any mug shots, even after telling the detective that the coward admitted to having active warrants.

I guess just because this was property being taken and no one was hurt it is not high on their list of priorities to solve.

We have since installed a security system with surveillance in case this ever happens again.

It seems to coincidental that our house gets broken into the night after we leave. This along with the path to where they parked their get away vehicle makes me believe that the same people who were involved with the break in up the block were behind ours.

At this point I have instructed my family that if anyone is seen walking through the yard or even looks suspicious on the block to call police.

I have notified our community officer about the problems we have been experiencing.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.


Thank you for this information.  I'm glad your son wasn't harmed.  It goes without saying that that's first and foremost.  I'll see if I can follow up with CMPD again as well; I'm concerned why there wasn't more follow-up or an opportunity to identify the perps.  I wonder if they might already have had an idea who did it.  



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