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It is sad that I cannot express my opinions and beliefs on my own property. Removing items from someone's yard is not only theft and trespassing, but a violation of our constitutional rights.

It seems there are exceptions to everything. I have checked with the City of Charlotte and no signs of any type or size are allowed on the city's 'Right of Way.' The official and legal definition of 'Right of Way' is 50' from the center of the road. In a development such as Sardis Forest, this goes well onto your property from the middle of any street in our neighborhood. 'Constitutional right' or not, city code will trump it every time.

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If you live in a community with a home owners association, you have permitted the association to determine whether you can place a political sign on your property through the Convents, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCR's) of the assosiation.  Prior to purchasing your property, you were required by law to be given the opportunity to review the CCR's so that you knew in advance whether the ability to place a political sign on your property was against the CCR's.  By going through with this purchase, you have agreed that you will comply with the CCR's while you or any others use your property.  Going through with this purchase also requires you to agree to any modifications to the CCR's after they are implimented. 

In essence, if your CCR's state that you are not permitted to place a political sign on your property, you have agreed to giving up a free speech protection by choosing to live there.  All is not lost, however.  If you are passionate about the issue, you can work with the owners in your community to get this portion of the CCR's changed in order to allow political signs to be placed on properties in the community.

If you are interested in the county statute, and it seems Belews Creek has no overriding policy on this, it can be found at the following address: It states you can place appropriate political signs 3 ft back from state highways, and in the RIGHT OF WAY during certain times (30 days prior and 10 days after one stop vote day for primaries and elections) of the year. It may help to have this information. Additionally the property owner or business fronting the ROW must approve of placement in that ROW.
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