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Can anyone tell me, are the utilities over 2 times higher in Johnson Ranch than in other parts of Queen Creek? We are trying to find a home to rent. A few of the houses we are interested in are in the Johnson Ranch area. I am told Johnson Utilities will take care of water and sewer. I have been trying to get them on the phone, but it sounds disconnected (480-987-9870). What kind of a company is this? From their website there is no other way to get ahold of them. I can't even leave me info for them to contact me.

I have heard bad things about johnson utilities but i really haven't had to many complaints personally.   The one time i had to personally deal with them was because i could not get a hold of them on the phone.  (same day) -Another complaint was that the line was out the door, REALLY, so I waited in line for 1/2 hour, got to the window and they had only two girls up there and maybe another three sitting up there taking calls.  the window girl was a WITCH, i wanted her supervisor, i went to the supevisors office and she just started at me with a dumb look on her face. (at this time i was pretty mad)   i went off on her and she told me she did not have that authority to make any decisions, (she was a dumb A**) She went and got her manager.   I was going to start screaming if he started saying anything about not being able to help me.  to my suprise he was really calm and took me in his office and listened to my issue.  When i finished he was very sympathic, and turned my water on even though i owed $300 on my account.  (my job went under and was out of work for 3 WHOLE WEEKS. )  He told me i should have  requested an extension before the bill was due, but this was my first time EVER being late.  and he did not charge me a reconnect fee.  i did find out that is why you can never get through on 15th of each month because people are trying to get there water turn on the same for the long lines those are all individuals who got there water turned off.  (I HAD to ask).  I also told them with all this money they should get a better phone service.  So overall, I can't complain.  I came from Seattle and this is 39 cheaper and a little better water. 

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I just found out that Johnson Utilities is charging a late fee of $40.00 a month! What crooks!

No matter what your reason are, don.t be late with your payment to the over charging Johnson utility Company,  because they charge a $40.00 late Fee on Your Sewer Service and 2% late fee on your water bill, also If you get your service gets shut off, (And it Will Happen To You To) they will also charge you an additional $50.00 reconnect fee. So by the time there all done over charging you, it will cost you  $200.00 a month for the use of their  service's. There payments are set to make you pay all these late and disconnect charges onor buy the 1st of each month, and they are late fee'e added, by the second of each month, so  if you are on Social Security Retirement, and get paid on the 3rd of the month you are already late,  So just pay the banker and shut up, and don't land on Boarkwalk (Don't get old because companies like this one, will screw you every month) signed Disabled and Broke.

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