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Has a neighbor done you a good deed or set a good example for others?
Praise them here.

Thanks to the Davis's for taking the initiative to get the ball rolling on Community Watch!

Let's ALL be good neighbors!

Many times I hear people complaining about how the grass is overgrown on the vacant home/lot next door. And then say, ''I've even thought of cutting it myself''.
Well, Why not? Let's face it, the property most likely belongs to a bank that has probably only seen it on paper. They may hire someone, eventually, up to 4x/yr to cut the grass or to clean it once. Meanwhile, the property is a poor reflection on our neighborhood, the high grass is a haven for insects and vermin, it attracts vandals & junkies, and grows less and less attractive to nice families who can help turn this neighborhood around.
If you don't think it is worth your effort, you are wrong! YOU are already paying, in lost property value, increases in crime, and less enjoyment of your own home. After all, YOU are the one that has to look at that house/lot next door. So why not?
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