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HOA Horror Story Part II

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Well, about this time, I can tell poop when I smell it, and I don't have to step in it either. In the first place, the dogs in question are house dogs, and their only access to the outside is a doggy door to the backyard. At about this point in time, I've got to figure that I have a neighbor that is misusing (at my expense) the HOA property management company to register false complaints, because they (the neighbor) have some sort of problem.

Well, by now you have probably deduced that I didn't fall off that proverbial turnip truck, but why am I writing this? I write this in a hope that one of the HOA Board Members will read this and decide that this doesn't put the Ventana Canyon HOA in a very good light, and do the right thing and try and get to the bottom of what is happening. Why choose this forum? Because the Ventana Canyon HOA gives you no way to contact them via e-mail, snail mail, phone, or any other way, except through the (you guessed it) Excellence Community Management, LLC. Now if I worked for that property management company, and my contract was up for renewal, how many letters from unhappy homeowners do you think that they will present to the HOA Board Members? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to answer that last question.

So, earlier I mentioned these harrassing infraction notices are coming to me at my expense -- not for long. If they continue, then the Venatana Canyon HOA will see that through the exercise of a little common courtesy, and some common sense, they can spare a needless legal battle. Anyone care to bet as to whether or not the Ventana Canyon HOA has a lick of common sense?

By HOA Horror Story
HOA Un-Horror Story

I had the opportunity to talk with the manager of Excellence Community Management. They were very understanding, and promised to monitor further complaints received from this particular source. Communication and a little Excellence after all! Thanks to Excellence Community Management.
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