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Canyon Willows HOA bd of idiots

Posted in: Canyon Willow Pecos
Canyon Willows Pecos 3425 E Russell Rd Las Vegas, NV.

We have a board of complete idiots influenced by a-non member with legal aspirations who gives bad advice to the poorly un-informed puppets. The whole board needs to be re-called and I believe this will happen next election. They do not know the NSR rules and invent stupid rules that need investigation by the ombudsman.
It is like a prison with bully guards who try to look and act important. (The now head Guard was forced to resign from a previous board several years back) The meetings are total chaos. The head prison guard locked the gates and removed the entry code, our financial operation account is a mess, and I believe kick-back is rampant. Above average maintenance companies have been replaced with inferior ones for more money and without the approval of the homeowners. I believe an investigation by the attorney general is in order. In other words: ''Canyon Willows Pecos HOA is out of control and headed for complete disaster. This is my opinion but I know for sure, many other home owners here will agree with me.

(Un-happy Male homeowner at Canyon Willows Pecos)
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