Knew this was gonna happen-TruckTree Raming

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need speed traps set in our are of  n main and n walnut


We get drivers that will refuse to stop at the stop sign

it is a 4 way stopping zone and  many run the stop sign at hi speeds. this is a safety issue.

we have expressed this to the public safety they do drive a round but a speed trap is best for such outlaws of this type of thing.





3 persons in this truck happen to be as i said not compliying to the laws of nature or our laws of the city i should say around this stop sign.


{hate to say this  but i told you so.}



The pick up truck was squeeling  the tires at the stop sign at a up hill cline, gaing speed to shoot off down the road at around 10 pm it was getting to be late.


In less then a few 3 sec this truck rammed in to a tree places the truck cross ways in the road to block traffic, i yell to see if they needed help "3 persons talking  saying there is someone looking or something close the that" i call police with a 5.ghz phone to reach my base and called, as they are trying to move this truck to take off from being caught. oh and in the voices of the 3 you can tell they was scared"


one did run but was caught later after thinking the cost was clear {umm ya the tunnel tricks we know of and it didn't work for them, i was raised in this area i know all the areas and tricks many of them we by past the police back in the days}


sorry guys we watched the area then and we still do and watch you "smiles" we got ya back trust me on that.

but any way to go on


I then went to pursue the issues to aid if needed due to medical background i tend to help out.


well i called the police for the safety of a few who might have been killed in this ramming of the tree. the police never came to ask us questions  but how ever at least i was there to save someones life if it had been in danger. and you know no one came to me to thank me but i look at this way,


I got the thanks i need inside me to know i might have made stop to a death.


And top it all off i was the only one who seen this or heard it so yea I'm the commanded of this watch. "shakes head" I'm telling ya helping one pays off in the long run i will testify to that from this experience.


one person we can confirm was taken to the hospital one ran but caught, other of the boy we know of is u/k


Total people 3, one hurt or 2 not confirmed. one had fled.

one male, one female and other is knew as a female that ran.

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