Triple Crown Homeowner's Association


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Our goal is to maintain and to improve Belmont at Triple Crown to keep our community aesthetically pleasing, to provide and maintain recreational amenities and to deploy improvements as needed by determination of the Board and by suggestions from the Homeowners.

?¨ Policies, protocol and procedures will follow the guidelines of the Belmont CC&Rs and the respective by-laws. Through the architectural committee and periodic community reviews, we will administer the requirements in the CC&Rs with common sense and consideration for the homeowners needs.

?¨ We will develop and administer an annual budget with concern for keeping our community a great place to live while establishing a prudent spending strategy. We will do this by considering best-value vendors and contractors, and by monitoring costs and value received, we will provide the best services for our homeowners.

?¨ We will consider the best interests of the homeowners as an aggregate group, realizing that 100% satisfaction of all board decisions is a difficult task. Where decisions are challenged, we will provide the homeowner(s) an explanation of our rationale.

?¨ Our overall philosophy is to make Belmont a more friendly and convenient community to live in. We will attempt to communicate in a proactive manner via the suggestion box, mailbox notices, periodic newsletters, bulletin board announcements, web site schedules,memos and simply word of mouth information sharing.

?¨ We will encourage and support social activities and fun events for our community. Resources for social events will be separate from the Belmont budget.
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