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May 31, 2010 MEMORIAL DAY


I've lived in the FP subdivision for the past 11 years.  What at first was a pleasant neighborhood community with responsible homeowners who looked out after and respected each other has turned into just another "thug" Charlottean village.  The main "element" started moving into FP about the 4th or 5th year with increasing crime, home break-ins, trash laden, littered streets, unkept yards, broken down vehicles, increased "cut-through" foot traffic, vandalism, etc.  And, it's just gotten worse as time progresses. 


Just last evening I had two American flags stolen from my front lawn.  I had just placed them there after mowing yesterday around 8pm in recognition and tribute to all the U.S. military service troops who have made the ultimate sacrifice allowing the rest to enjoy the immense freedoms as American citizens.  I view this criminal, thug, disrespectul action as a personal assault and complete "slap in the face" to ALL those who have come before us to secure the blessings of life, liberty, and all those who have died in defense of our great nation.  Whomever committed this "PUNK", disrepectful act know this...THE QUALITY OF ONE'S LIFE IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE CHOICES ONE MAKES IN LIFE.  You will eventually get what's coming to you.  I am watching...I'm watching closely and will get my retribution one way or another. 



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