Election Issue THREE

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Board membership is not the only issue in this upcoming election.  


 Issue THREE: Trash Can Storage. changes the rules about putting trash cans away. 


As all can see, many homeowners fail to put the trash can behind the fence now.  Lots of cans are left in the front yard never mind the side yard!  All this rule change does is weaken the HOA's authority to get lazy people to do the right thing and put the garbage can away. 


This is a very tight neighborhood and trash cans, overloaded with junk, cluttering up yards is unacceptable. Relaxing this rule degrades our neighborhood and gives license to the lazy lout's that can't be bothered to put their cans away now.   I wonder if this means that next year when the HOA fails to enforce the side yard rule we do away garbage can rules all together? 


It is the collective appearance of our neighborhood that maintains the value of our individual homes.  Why has the current rule not been vigorously enforced?  Why have piles of trash and yard trimmings been allowed to degrade our blocks.   In other  neighborhoods I have lived in the HOA would vigorously enforce appearance rules for the good of all.


I feel the lax enforcement of our community CC&R's is another of Kachina's failures and I cannot see where situation has been improved by Oasis.


I encourage homeowners to mark "DO NOT APPROVE" on issue 3

I also hope the new board will motivate Oasis or who-every the managment company is to vigorously enforce the CC&R's that all homeowners have agreed to comply with.


Jeff Simonsen


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I don't think there was an explenation as to why this is even on the ballot.  So, here it is:


At the last meeting, the board voted on a new trash company.  The new trash company will still pick up twice a week, but one day is for trash and the other is for recycling.  So, they will be providing TWO trash cans, the same size.  A home owner brought up the issue of a "trash can shuffle" problem due to this.  Most home owners have a narrow side yard that will not allow the storage of two cans side by side, so they will need to "shuffle" cans around to get the proper one out for pickup.  A "solution" to this problem will be the allowance of one of the two cans to be stored outside the gate next the house so that home owners will not be forced to shuffle cans around.


If you like the idea, vote yes.  If you don't, vote no.


As far as Oasis enforcing the rules, they send out countless letters and fines every month.  We just don't have the power to force people to pay the fines or correct the problem.  All the HOA and Oasis can do is end letters and impose the fine.

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Not only was there an explanation but nothing about changing Garbage company! So when was the community going to be inform on this? You see this is the problem I have on the way thing are done around here. There are 7 people setting on the board and there are how many people that live in this community?

So these 7 people are making allot of decision without any input from the people that live here. Now I am sure you are going to say will if we came to the meetings we would know what is going on I give you that, But I can also come back to you and say, you could of sent out notices that a meeting is being held so I don't what to go down that road.

 But even if you do come to all the meeting you still don't know what is going on! I was at the last meeting and I don't remember anything being voted on about a new garbage company unless it was done after the meeting was over, I don't remember anything being sent out about this new change and how much it is going to cost? Is it less that what we are paying now? And when is this suppose to take effect?

 I don't have a problem with recycling but I do hope that this practice will change, with our next board cause this is what got us in the mess we got now, it looks like a behind the door decisions without any input and if we complain we are told it was a board decision so set down.....

Maybe we should add to our by-law that if any change is done like this or other big decision. a  letter has to be sent out explaining why it is being consider how much it is going to cost, if it is going to cost more why it would be beneficial for us to change, and when the board well be taking it up so you can get a input from the people who are paying the bills.

But now I know how to vote on this cause it sure didn't make any sense to me why you would what to change things.

 Is this not one of Oasis responsibly to add a little paragraph along with the by-laws they want to change and why? that way people know what they are voting on. that only make sense to me or am I wrong.

Boy his negative marks are really adding up.


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I liked having my garbage picked up twice a week. I have lived in places where we had recycling and it was just a waste of time. If people won't take care of their yards or put the cans away what makes you think they will seperate their garbage? But we were never asked.

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