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The intersection of Tiverton Way and Walhampton has a 3-way stop sign, but there is no need for the two stop signs on Tiverton Way.  Most cars don't come to a complete stop, and some don't even slow down or even look going through this intersection.  I'm affraid this will cause an accident.  I know it sounds crazy that removing a stop sign is maybe safer than having it, but after countless hours of observing how people drive through this intersection, I believe it has merrit.  The only stop sign that is necessary is the one on Walhampton Drive.  Also, why is there a stop sign on Tiverton where the crosswalk is near Hounz Lane, and not a crosswalk sign? Any Thoughts?

As Santation Commissioner for the City of Rolling Hills, I do think your coment on the stop signs at Tiverton and Walhampton have merrit and should be looked into, I will present it at our next meeting, as for the stop sign at Hounz Ln. that belongs to The City of Medivale.

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I think I know why there is a stop sign at the Tiverton crosswalk in Meadowvale. I grew up a few years here on Somerford, I think 1967 to 1970. In 'those' days we used to walk to school, to Zachary Taylor. I recall that us elementary kids would cut through the side yards of homes from Somerford and reach Tiverton, and cross and cut between those 2 houses (there were huge elephant ear plants we went through I recall), then reach the open field in the back of the school. I remeber that fence between the 2 house too. I don't remeber a crosswalk paint or stop sign there at the time (1970) so it must have been added for safety and Tiverton being a main route for people going to work. Of course nowadays kids don't walk to school like we did, but the stop sign does keep traffic slow because its a long stretch.

The stop signs were talked about at last nights meeting, they were there as you pointed out to slow down traffic.

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